Who's in the picture?

We'll start with me as it was taken on my 70th birthday in 2012. I'm right in the middle in the orange shirt. Next on the right as you look at the photo are my Mum (with hat and necklace) and Dad (hand on his knee). Apart from Mum and Dad, that second row are all my generation. My sister Jean is second from the left in the red top; my brother Dave is on the extreme right (in a tie!); my cousin Martin, who came over from Canada, is third from the right (in dark glasses) with his wife Erica (in blue); Next to Jean is my other cousin Helen (Martin's sister) and her husband Bryan, with folded arms.

In the back row is the next generation. From left to right are my niece (Jean's daughter) Natasha and her then partner Rodrigo; my son John and his wife Alison; Kathryn who is Helen's daugher; My son-in-law Chris and daughter Jane; Jean's son Mark and his wife Aldona; Jean's daughter Anna (holding little Molly); Jean's son-in-law Paul (holding Aisha) and daughter Emma.

The front row are the youngest generation - that of Kath and Ron's great-grandchildren. From the left they are: Chris, Finley, Sophie, Libby, Drew, Tom and Janosz. Chris and Sophie are Kathryn's children; Finley and Drew are John and Alison's; Libby and Tom are Jane and Chris's; and Janosz is Mark and Aldona's son.